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Thorsaw Carbide Cluster Blade has landed!

Thorsaw Carbide Cluster Blade has landed!

Meet the chainsaws Big Brother that’s pulling up roots by cutting down trees. The BRAND NEW Abracs Thorsaw Carbide Cluster Blade is a must have for any Tree surgeons, Landscape Gardeners, Forestry workers and even Railway contractors. It combines the ferocity and power of a chainsaw with the versatility and precision of a Diamond Blade for the ultimate cutting performance.

This heavy duty blade will make light work of Railway Sleepers, Tree Roots, Plastic Pipes, Timber, Small Trees and much more, in fact even embedded nails and screws will be no match for the Thorsaw, we really have hit the nail on the head.

When it comes to the Thorsaw, efficiency is key. The bi-directional blade eliminates the need for time consuming sharpening and increases overall product life, simply turn it around and keep on cutting.

Our Resident Product Tester Bruce Bellinger had his say “ When I first got my hands on the Thorsaw I must say I was excited, I had heard good things about these blades and was hoping it would live up to expectations, it certainly did, the cutting power really is something to behold, I tested this on a range of materials, one of which was a Railway Sleeper as I had been told this was a specialty of the blade. With a stable and precise cutting line it tore through the sleeper in no time at all, something that even shocked me. In my opinion I feel that this would be a fantastic tool for those working in the Landscaping industry that could become a real essential to someone’s toolbox. My brother is a tree surgeon and I will certainly be recommending this blade to him”.