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Abracs 12 Deals of Christmas!

Abracs 12 Deals of Christmas!

Cover the cost of Christmas with Abracs! A Christmas daily countdown with a twist is the approach abrasives and accessories supplier Abracs has taken once again for their 2017 December promotions. As a big thank you to their loyal customer base, a wide variety of daily product range promotions will be available throughout the December month to all Abracs customers.

Abracs Christmas promotions have been tailored to give customers a helping hand with the cost of Christmas by giving free retail vouchers with each promotion which can be used to purchase all manner of gifts, food and housewares.

Brand Manager Alex Gowans explains - “After the great success of the 12 Deals of Christmas in 2016 we were sure we wanted to do it once again. Whether it be an extra present for your loved ones or an extra large turkey for the annual festive spread, if you are an Abracs customer, we’ve got it covered once again”

Abracs Christmas deals are available for delivery until Monday 18th December. The deals are only available on the day they become active, so you will need to be quick off the mark to get your free vouchers. Don’t forget to open the doors on your Abracs calendar or check the abracs.com homepage daily for deal details and updates throughout the month!

You are allowed to reserve the deal of the day for delivery anytime before the 18th December making the delivery of your order convenient for you.

Vouchers will be provided by Voucher Express. To view the full range of retail outlets available for your Voucher Express allocation please click here

It is going to be a busy and exciting month for the York based company, with retail vouchers worth up to £50 for each deal taken and highly competitive prices on offer why not see what Abracs have to offer this festive season!

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Abracs team.